The “We” thing.

Have you recently hear someone cried because of their bad romance? Cheated. Usually people like this didnt know about the “we” things. In fact some of it often give themself to their partner even they didnt know about the border that should not be pass by.  It is true that love is blind – able weapon for someone.  Basically human being is hunger for affection, social life, existension and wealth.  But the most general aspect is in the social life. Why? Do the kids need money? No, they need friends to play with.  Do the teenager usualy care about their money they have? No, they rather treat their friend and buy a gift for someone they like.  Is it true story of us. We. Human creature.

The “We” it self is barrier between one and another. Self made law that must not be broken.  That is the rule, agreed by two side. If its broken, hold it with this last question. What is going to happen and what its risk? So be it then