But she’s dancing with another man

Never get a chance to do

Cause something had to do first

Dumb and young

perfect badass


No body said it was easy

Just another day in the office ruins everything

Have to build from start and back


Although it hurts, and people ran away

I was strong and stark

und weisse ich

das …. ahh


Throughout on an empty spaces.

It was true, going on summer and winter without autumn either spring, which doesn’t make any sense of it.  Well in this case, I as a normal guy who stand above love and beneath faith its self has gained some specialties for those who in needed which is also not be proven yet.  Though even I had some abilities for, but yeah what can I do as I wont going anywhere. Is a waste of time and energy to had some kind of “doesn’t make any sense” abilities.  For example, I stand right above love, which by meaning is I control it like Who, When, Why, What.  Those FAQ’s are very good question as I tail it in mean time sooner or later which is not correlated to when you can answer it in 5 second. Beneath me there is a barrier between those control-able and those can we beg for.  As we going older, love doesn’t matter. But that that doesn’t mean that we didn’t need that stupid thing.  Oh, sorry did I say stupid?  I think you can repel it with a good answer.  I DONT CARE.  Well after all, we are all really need affection do ya? We are all NEED those things which in case here can be reality or fantasy (by mean just your self knows that).

An EMPTY SPACE always take part of it.  Realize or not, going deeper is just what you need.

dari dulu yang namanya duduk duduk di teras sambil minum milo itu entah kenapa jadi hobi.  nikmatin keadaan sekitar sama beban pikiran yang masih di loading. kadang pas nulis begini juga kadang masih sering nggak nyambung gara gara ngantuk ….


omong omong udah jam 12 nih, pamit dulu ya 🙂

step away

I’ve fallen and lost within this fire inside me, ahh so it began


back to the days when I crawl beneath you while you sleep.

when miles and miles away across the sea …

just set a good place, to start sit down and hands up high saying the things that never been said before …


looking to the sun which he always smiling, people said …

but in fact those are just some legend followed by great stories and poetic words, but the real is that he was so hot and blinding you, me, everyone who see it.


well all things that happen which is we don’t know why and just … ahh

I’m just a poor boy. Even the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me.

Mama, life is just began. Took it 10 or 20 years to, bring your face to stay in place, blown up away and all I’ve seen all I’ve had comes to end like it wanted to distract you. And where he comes from? No one can and all I’ve seen and all I’ve had is just no word. That’s much is true though it won’t. Mean to happen again.

Lost my hope and want to die and you amazed me by just taking me now, you standing on chairs and hands up high in the sky like ever flying free, and you play that song and hopes true again, millionaire but homeless.

Now the time started leaving you hearted’ and your transmission go away ….. distance is that matter.


if you were annoyed, I’m so sorry.  I just want you to know that nothing.  Yeah nothing.


Tempat dimana aku bisa jujur pada diriku sendiri, cuman disini.  Berlagak seolah olah seseorang yang berkuasa dan hanya berbicara soal cinta. tak menghirau apa yang terjadi dan selalu rebut sendiri.  Maklum saja, hidupku terlalu asik untuk dibuat cerita (karena terlalu parah haha) yang membuatku hanya bercerita tentang apa kata pujangga masa kini haha.


Tau? Apalagi kapan hari pada tanggal sekian dia yang tersayang menyapaku lewat komentar yang tak akan pernah terexpose haha.  SO SPASS! ICH WILL TOT HAHA!