Art of Faith : Christianity

Cross, Holy Bible, Christmas, Turkeys, Bell and may things are the greatness of the Christianity.  They are the famous religion on earth as long as Muslims and Catholic.  They usually go to nearest church every Sunday to pray.  Their priest wear a white uniform in church.  The female monk (sorry i don’t know what it is) usually wear black uniform with cross in their uniform.

In my opinion in medieval era Christianity is the most influence religion in the all of Europe.  And as know they had a ruler named Pope.  So all the religious activity is controlled by the Pope such as Crusades and Excommunication.

Cristian people are nice too.  They are kind to each other and have strong relationship with their Gods.  They believe in Trinity as I know.  God of Allah – Jesus – Holy Maria.  Christianity had a magnificent Artistic, shows in their church.  I always been surprised by old church in Italy – Spain – U.K – Hungary.

The Church as I see was so beautiful project.  They stand as no one bigger than the Church itself.  It’s walls was made with a very beautiful and decorative.  Represent that long time ago Christianity is the most influence religion in earth.

For extremist please…. be more respectful to others… we have lived in peace in long time ago until you came and destroy it.

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