Love, a chemical that doesnt exist in science. Self react atom. Happines source. Emotion remote. Love, kind a good-bad thing. Coin. Two side. If that chemical go away. It will ruin almost in all aspect. What you will need is a water that does clean this all.


“What’s Separate You My Friend?”

We always had a problem, what ever if that silly problem nor big problem.

But usually it caused by small things–didn’t expected to happened– like pouring coffee in someone laptop or accidentally say something that hurt its opposite when in discussion.

You know, that’s common happen in our life guys.  But why?! There still a group of silly man angry about little things happened in their life.  It isn’t  fair!–I mean it is okay if we blow our emotion, but there the rights of others blocked by that.

Thats the problem, usually the boy teenager do it.  They easily become rival because such a silly things–lost in a game or their gf  move onto another boy.  Thats why teenager age 12-16 years usually spend their time with other friend that same age.

They want affection, but they want it from their group.  Maybe that’s why many teenager easily become rival with other because it required to if they want to join.  Now try to think if our world separate into 2 different group like axis and allies.  Believe me, maybe there is no human left.  We will destroyed into ashes.

In this case, now try to solve our differences and uninted under one banner. Humanity.

Giant All Kind Store, What do you need? We have it

Indonesia, one of the most large country in the world, number 3 after america population, largest muslim people in the world and the most important The Mountainous place I’ve ever seen. Krakatau, Bromo, Kilimanjaro, and many more are the examples of Indonesia Geographical phenomena.

See this Picture source :

And This :


Damn Good Right… (Y)

Yeah, this is why many Foreigners came and make research and even live in Indonesia.

Indonesia has many culture like Javanese, Sundanese, Betawi, Madura etc (sorry i know just a little).  They live together as one, in harmony and merciful–Yeah sometime they had to fight because they still a little bit primitive.  Indonesia has full but not completely great infrastructure like this:


on above picture you can look a little about Jakarta City–Capital of Indonesia.

In the ancient time, Indonesia Most likely to be a source of spices in the world, trading place, slave place, gold mine, silver mine, cooper mine, steel mine, Oil Rigs, and the last gossip is Legend of Atlantis.

After all that i describe, Simply i can say “Giant All Kind Store, What do you need? We have it”. 

Real Time Sign 2050 WIB Indonesia Local Time Zone. 16/03/2012

This Is It, My Lovely Country

Indonesia… what a beautiful country isn’t it? It is a big beautiful widespread land and ocean. Yes it is more than 80% of this country is water and much of active volcanoes.  Indonesia located between Asia and Australia.  Indonesia contains lot of local primitives, three categories of animal (the Western – Asia, mix of Asia Australia, and Australia), three different time zone (West – East – Southeast), many beautiful beach, many beautiful geographical site, many mountains – hills – cliff.  The locals are nice too :D, absolutely including me too :)) .  This is pictures i got from for a little imagination you can imagine


And this beach 😀


Yeah,, almost every tourist came here feels “This what called Heaven in earth”.  You can see from the beaches, forests, mountains, every small creatures is fascinating.  But then there is famous word that “If there somethings good, there must be somethings bad too”.  This means that every masterpiece has their own problem–I mean like a thief, or enemy/rival who want it is destroyed.  So it must be protected!

See this picture…!


This is the matter or the problem they had!  And this problem caused by anyone who anti with it or hate or even related to unhealthy competition in business.

That’s way im posting this to make a campaign “Kill Crime Against Nature”.  The simplest way you can do is deny a bad habit that make “Crime Against Nature”.  Starts from yours deepest heart and say “We change the world my friend”

The world changes as time it goes

Never rest till the time has come

We need to move as fast as we can

Not wait in corner of the street

Wait for the unpredictable destiny

Luck will come for the one who looking it

Faith will grow when some one believe in it

Be our self when we needed it

And confident will show its power

When bomb will blow in one hour

And that time is called rush hour

Solution is none……

except one thing

Believe, Courage, and Try