Throughout on an empty spaces.

It was true, going on summer and winter without autumn either spring, which doesn’t make any sense of it.  Well in this case, I as a normal guy who stand above love and beneath faith its self has gained some specialties for those who in needed which is also not be proven yet.  Though even I had some abilities for, but yeah what can I do as I wont going anywhere. Is a waste of time and energy to had some kind of “doesn’t make any sense” abilities.  For example, I stand right above love, which by meaning is I control it like Who, When, Why, What.  Those FAQ’s are very good question as I tail it in mean time sooner or later which is not correlated to when you can answer it in 5 second. Beneath me there is a barrier between those control-able and those can we beg for.  As we going older, love doesn’t matter. But that that doesn’t mean that we didn’t need that stupid thing.  Oh, sorry did I say stupid?  I think you can repel it with a good answer.  I DONT CARE.  Well after all, we are all really need affection do ya? We are all NEED those things which in case here can be reality or fantasy (by mean just your self knows that).

An EMPTY SPACE always take part of it.  Realize or not, going deeper is just what you need.



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