Ketika laut berdesis dan kita pun tak tau apa yang mereka sedang mereka perbincangkan, kebayang sosok yang tak asing. Sosok yang selalu bikin kita nyaman, sosok yang familiar. Entah mama papa teman kekasih siapa saja itu …. This moment, being with you now has made me complete.

This is why the story began….

Will you give me just a time to be in your side a lifetime watching you and live with. Rembulan dan lautan yang sedang berpacaran mesra meskipun dusta sepertinya. Happy to be needed by you, when you need someone to chill you out.

When somebody needs you, when she needed you last to be with you, who knows lead us. But if you let me loved you, all the way, my love will taller than the tallest dreams, deeper than a deep blue seas. All the way.

Throughout the days and years, I’ll search the glory with you, beside me. All the way.



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