Seems ya. I’ll find the day of silence between us.  Yeah, maybe this day and till after ….

dont know y know? It just … god

I missed the old days back when I just adore you and not having balls to say that ….

Things could happenin’ y know it?

And I think it wasn’t good to let you know ….

as far as we go … wonder bout anythin’

it just silence that come from you, no searchin’

no missin’

not a word ….

I really miss you

the way it looks like you

the good ol’days

but yeah, you  are the only exception

the day I said that it will be 4 years because of hurts? maybe

I bet you didn’t care that much bout me

I am not pessimistic, just look, look

6 years in between, you and me?

god, shit happened to me

why this feeling

why, why, why oh god

love to in love with yo. 

What to say?



Bet still yo weren’t care bout me …..

but as you know ….

losing you means dying

I thought I could lose 1-2 things but no

neither you or people whom I care

no …. no way

anyway it was ritten in gods book

shit happened again

but hopes not

ya I suppose …

we’ll meet someday.

still plan A …

love ya!



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