Orang jaman sekarang mendefinisikan cinta hanya yang berhubungan dengan fisik saja (atau kegiatan yang melibatkan fisik).  Bahwa taukah kamu yang sebenarnya? Iya.  Karena sebagian masayarakat pernah mengalami benturan dashyat sehingga batas kewajaran yang normalpun berubah.  And I tell you, to love you is far more than the worse thing I’ve ever did till now.


Why I still, continuously hold, constant, stable, straight just committed for this chance to love you, even more day by days while out there a lot of girls, far better, prettier, better lover and I still choose you?  How could? 


The answer is, let me study field magnetic and make a research about “Field Magnetic of Love, When Reality Beyond Logic” and let me love you, let me take your affection. Let me take you! Well someday you will find the true meaning of why I did this, that, those, even all.  Because all of it just about you and the way how I go through, survive, fight, for your love! 


Itu namanya usaha.  

Bukan F = m.a

Bagiku, usaha adalah bisa bersamamu …. – Hukum gombal pasal 1


See ya.



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