Uniform word came from 2 different words “United” and “Formation”.  There are some of opinion about Uniform depends on the subject that cover some factor.  Here some advantage of the Uniform itself, first Uniform can unite all kind of social level in real meaning.  Which is really reduces the discrimination because students worry about their appearance all the time.  Secondly, Uniform can save much money buying extra good /well cloths for school.  Many students like to wear uniform because some students usually like peace and avoid joins into gang(s).

          If there was pro(s) the will be always con(s) following up that certain statement which give some reason(s) “why” or “I don’t agree” with that statement(s).  Some students say that if they wear Uniform, they can’t express their feelings and creativity which that human rights against to.  Some say that they more likely being aware of other gang(s) become aggressive and revengeful if they saw certain school / university because of something.

          In the end, there will be a solution according to the problem.  First, governs have to be stricter about gang(s) and the school security to make sure that student study safely and convenient in a friendly environment to support the country next generation.  Then to avoid gang inside the school, Uniform is a must!  Not just to avoid gang(s), but to avoid discrimination itself that cause student to feel uncomfortable with the school environment.



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