“What’s Separate You My Friend?”

We always had a problem, what ever if that silly problem nor big problem.

But usually it caused by small things–didn’t expected to happened– like pouring coffee in someone laptop or accidentally say something that hurt its opposite when in discussion.

You know, that’s common happen in our life guys.  But why?! There still a group of silly man angry about little things happened in their life.  It isn’t  fair!–I mean it is okay if we blow our emotion, but there the rights of others blocked by that.

Thats the problem, usually the boy teenager do it.  They easily become rival because such a silly things–lost in a game or their gf  move onto another boy.  Thats why teenager age 12-16 years usually spend their time with other friend that same age.

They want affection, but they want it from their group.  Maybe that’s why many teenager easily become rival with other because it required to if they want to join.  Now try to think if our world separate into 2 different group like axis and allies.  Believe me, maybe there is no human left.  We will destroyed into ashes.

In this case, now try to solve our differences and uninted under one banner. Humanity.


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