Giant All Kind Store, What do you need? We have it

Indonesia, one of the most large country in the world, number 3 after america population, largest muslim people in the world and the most important The Mountainous place I’ve ever seen. Krakatau, Bromo, Kilimanjaro, and many more are the examples of Indonesia Geographical phenomena.

See this Picture source :

And This :


Damn Good Right… (Y)

Yeah, this is why many Foreigners came and make research and even live in Indonesia.

Indonesia has many culture like Javanese, Sundanese, Betawi, Madura etc (sorry i know just a little).  They live together as one, in harmony and merciful–Yeah sometime they had to fight because they still a little bit primitive.  Indonesia has full but not completely great infrastructure like this:


on above picture you can look a little about Jakarta City–Capital of Indonesia.

In the ancient time, Indonesia Most likely to be a source of spices in the world, trading place, slave place, gold mine, silver mine, cooper mine, steel mine, Oil Rigs, and the last gossip is Legend of Atlantis.

After all that i describe, Simply i can say “Giant All Kind Store, What do you need? We have it”. 

Real Time Sign 2050 WIB Indonesia Local Time Zone. 16/03/2012



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