This Is It, My Lovely Country

Indonesia… what a beautiful country isn’t it? It is a big beautiful widespread land and ocean. Yes it is more than 80% of this country is water and much of active volcanoes.  Indonesia located between Asia and Australia.  Indonesia contains lot of local primitives, three categories of animal (the Western – Asia, mix of Asia Australia, and Australia), three different time zone (West – East – Southeast), many beautiful beach, many beautiful geographical site, many mountains – hills – cliff.  The locals are nice too :D, absolutely including me too :)) .  This is pictures i got from for a little imagination you can imagine


And this beach 😀


Yeah,, almost every tourist came here feels “This what called Heaven in earth”.  You can see from the beaches, forests, mountains, every small creatures is fascinating.  But then there is famous word that “If there somethings good, there must be somethings bad too”.  This means that every masterpiece has their own problem–I mean like a thief, or enemy/rival who want it is destroyed.  So it must be protected!

See this picture…!


This is the matter or the problem they had!  And this problem caused by anyone who anti with it or hate or even related to unhealthy competition in business.

That’s way im posting this to make a campaign “Kill Crime Against Nature”.  The simplest way you can do is deny a bad habit that make “Crime Against Nature”.  Starts from yours deepest heart and say “We change the world my friend”


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